Save Money, Eat Well & Grow Your Hair All At The Dinner Table

This may sound like a lot, and maybe even impossible to some. But it’s really a lot more simple then you may think. More and more as the world change, and the more of those things that once seem so complexed to our Fore-parents are simplified. Most of us have seemed to have forgotten or maybe never grasped the highly effectiveness of the simplicity in the daily routines our Fore-parents once knew. A lot of us feel that the most new invention and/or product with the expensive price tag has to work better then the old simple things of the past. For the most part,

Power of Friendship

Friendship is something that gets overlooked and under appreciated because, for the most part, you choose your friends.  And many may think we don’t even need friends. But like it or not, there really is power in friendship. Be it good or bad, friendship has the power to make us a better person or not.  Some say- what really is the point of having friends? But it turns out that friendship can prevent health issues along with various other emotional or mental health benefits. Friendship gives us a sense of belonging. Friendship builds our confidence and self-esteem. Friendship helps

“Good Hair” Redefined

Let me share something with you, It’s not your fault your hair maybe in a terrible state right now.  For so long many of us were made to feel ashamed of our natural hair, like we have to cover it up in someway, shape or fashion. So of course the lack of caring for our natural hair set-in for way too many of us.  And unfortunately this same behavior towards our own hair type was passed down from generation to generation. To where it became a normal thing to have this hatred towards our hair texture.  Because of the fact that

DevaCurl is Not for All Curl Types

This is such a great premise when it came out not too long ago, embracing your natural hair curl pattern. The DevaCurl and their salons started to pop-up every where and more and more girls were posting photos and videos of their experience trying this new hair technique of rocking their natural curls. The more I seen the photos of all the beautiful curly haired girls, the more it sparked my interest. Being a newly natural, and had my “Big chop” over three years prior, DevaCurl really looked and sounded so intriguing. At first I had no idea if or when I might try the DevaCurl technique at one of the DevaChan salons near me. I have to admit it I was loving watching all the before and after photos of women get a DevaCut and seeing how their curls just popped and perfectly formed a great shape around their face. But I soon

Henna can make your hair fall-out! The need to know side effects.

t seems like everyone everywhere is talking about the many benefits of this all natural plant based substance called Henna.  Henna has been used for centuries in places like the Arabian Peninsula, Indian Subcontinent, parts of Southeast Asia, Carthage, parts of North Africa and the Horn of Africa.   Recently becoming widely known in the United States as a Indian natural painless temporary tattoo.  More famously these days as a chemical-free way to color and treat damaged hair.   Countless video tutorials online speak of the benefits of Henna especially on damaged hair.  So of course after hearing all these positive reviews and statements of Henna being all natural I really didn’t think there would be any kind of side-effects to look out for, that’s only until I encountered the tragedies for myself.