How reading books make your brain more powerful!

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Now a days taking-up an actual book and reading it is becoming more and more a thing of the past. With the boom of tablets, e-readers and smartphones as reading devices, people are turning to these methods more and more. This way of reading may be easier, but is it as beneficial? This is the big question, when something is easier doesn’t mean it better. I’ve always heard older people give me this advice in regards to different things, but never really took it into consideration to any particular thing until now. Not to say reading a book from a device doesn’t have it’s advantages, it saves time and space. But when it comes to boosting the strength of your brain muscle, nothing bets reading a physical book. Reading physical books doesn’t just benefit the reader, but also reading to your child can help them grow intelligently as well.

How reading books makes your brain more powerful!

Countless studies have shown the positive effectiveness of reading a physical book on ones overall wellness. Things like decreasing your stress levels, decreasing the risk of dementia, adding years to your life, allowing you to become more empathetic, bonding with your child and so much more. Just by cracking open a book as demonstrated in a 2013 study published by the journal Brain Connectivity, college students who read a fictional story showed increased connectivity in the area of their brains associated with language and memory for up to five days later.  Like building muscle memory when you run, reading every day can train your mind to activate and improve your cognitive functions, the study’s authors explained.

How reading books makes your brain more powerful!

Growing up I was read bedtime stories, and now that I’m a parent I do the same. But I’m sure my parents like myself, up until this point, didn’t realize the power that came from that short moments in time. Power that can shape a child into who they become as an adult. For so long reading books to your children especially at bedtime was a thing to do in order to get your kids in a more quite relaxed state foe bed. But now more and more research as shown that reading to your child does so much for your child’s brain development and even your own peace and wellness.

Reading to your child will cause a long lasting love and appreciation of reading. It will open-up their minds to learning, creativity, and willingness to learn new things. For anyone who is interested, I found a great book to read to your child that would share a great message of friendship, hope and togetherness. It’s called Coco & Ceecee – Power of Friendship. I love this book and my kids from youngest to oldest love it more.  I’m sure yours will too.

Reading to your child also helps create bond that is hard to get now a days from anything else, but this type of family bonding is vital in our relationships with our children.  And don’t worry if you have any teens or pre-teens and may think it’s not something they want to do. Just make them see how it helps you and if they love you (which we know they do) they will be more then happy to participate. It’s never to late or too early to start this love of reading and this positive behavior will be passed to generation after generation. Especially now that you know all the positive attributes that come from it, get yourself a great book and start today.

How reading books makes your brain more powerful!

Reading books are not just for enhancing your child’s brain, but research has shown that as you get older it helps with things like dementia. According to a team at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. After evaluating the vocabulary test scores of more than 300 participants over the age of 50, the researchers found that volunteers with the highest scores had a three to four times lower risk of cognitive decline than those with the lower scores.

How reading books makes your brain more powerful!

With all this reading we definitely need to take care of our eye health. Surprisingly there is a there’s a great supplement on the market there is designed to support eye health the product is called OucPrime. As we get older we have to pay close attention to all these things.

Key take a way:

Read more books. Everyday make it a point to read a book. Read a book with your family, read a book alone. Just read a book as much as you can and when ever you can, your health and well being along with your families health and well being depends on it.

 Like in the Good Book- (1 Timothy 3:4)  He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey him, and he must do so in a manner worthy of full respect.

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