Why Black Girls Were Taught To Hate Their Hair? The Answer Will Surprise You.

For centuries, black girls in America have faced an uphill battle against societal norms and beauty standards that propagated the idea that their natural hair was undesirable. This bias was perpetuated through various means, leading many black girls to internalize a sense of shame and self-hatred towards their hair. As a result, a burgeoning industry of hair products and extensions specifically targeted towards black women

Save Money, Eat Well & Grow Your Hair All At The Dinner Table

This may sound like a lot, and maybe even impossible to some. But it’s really a lot more simple then you may think. More and more as the world change, and the more of those things that once seem so complexed to our Fore-parents are simplified. Most of us have seemed to have forgotten or maybe never grasped the highly effectiveness of the simplicity in the daily routines our Fore-parents once knew. A lot of us feel that the most new invention and/or product with the expensive price tag has to work better then the old simple things of the past. For the most part,

Hair Growth Apple Coconut Carrot Muffins

This Hair Growth Apple Coconut Carrot Muffin recipe won’t just taste great but it is also beneficial to your hair.  This recipe is one of my family’s favorite things to eat for breakfast and as snack throughout the day.  Especially during the cold months accompanied with one of our favorite hot beverage .  Eating healthy things like these muffins will have your hair looking amazing before you know it.   If you

Boysenberry Grow Hair Pops

Aside from this being a absolutely delicious, it also has dual benefits.  The ingredients in these Boysenberry Grow Hair Pops are wonderful for hair growth.  The main ingredient being Boysenberries, and Boysenberries contain a great amount of dietary fiber, vitamin K and an awesome amount of minerals including manganese, iron, calcium and potassium.This Powerhouse of a berry is packed full with so many vitamins and nutrients that improve our hair and nails.