Save Money, Eat Well & Grow Your Hair All At The Dinner Table

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This may sound like a lot, and maybe even impossible to some. But it’s really a lot more simple then you may think. More and more as the world change, and the more of those things that once seem so complexed to our Fore-parents are simplified. Most of us have seemed to have forgotten or maybe never grasped the highly effectiveness of the simplicity in the daily routines our Fore-parents once knew. A lot of us feel that the most new invention and/or product with the expensive price tag has to work better then the old simple things of the past. For the most part, we seen our parents, grandparents and even our great grandparents have such beautiful hair that we may have dreamed to have one day. But when it doesn’t work out like that for us when we grow up, we tend to turn to the most expensive cures to try and get the hair like those family members before us.

Far too many of us fall into the trap of all the grand illusions these companies promise to grow our hair longer and stronger then ever before. But when that company fails to deliver, or something newer comes up, with even bigger promises to fulfill our dream, we jump on that one. And unfortunately for us this whole process can go on and on for years. Leading to so much money wasted, probably hair getting even more damaged with each new thing introduced, and not to mention the stress and anger this can bring. It’s just so hard to break this agonizing torture because with each new product we really believe this one will be the one that finally gives us what we want. But when it doesn’t happen, we’re on this next with the same hopes and dreams. The true definition of insanity according to that old saying-“Insanity is doing the same thing overland over again and expecting different results”. I have to admit that I was one that was in a consist search for that new product of service, and in my mind it just had to be out there as long as I just kept looking. This madness finally came to an end when I stopped and noticed the world around me.

We have to scale all the way back! When I say we have to scale back I mean in our way of thinking. Especially when it comes to how we treat and care for our hair. Scale all the way back to a more simpler time. A time when our elders were our age, and the had such long thick healthy hair. They didn’t have all these new expensive gadgets and products that we have today, yet their hair was in a better condition when compared to most of us today. The main reason is that our diets and physical habits have changed. Let me even shock a lot of you out there by saying that-Just because you think your hair won’t grow long because of genetics may not be the case. You’ll be surprised just by changing a few easy things in your day routine will benefit your hair tremendously. I hear and had a lot of people say to me that genetics have a lot to do with hair grow, as if I should just give up trying to grow my hair. I’m here to say genetics has nothing to do with your hair grow more then your health and what you choose to put in your body. Don’t be at all deterred by anyone making that statement to you because at the end of the day no one knows anyone hair potential. Not even the best doctor or Dermatologist would be able to know if you’re genetically unable to grow really long healthy hair.  Even if your parents or grandparents may had really unhealthy hair, that don’t determine anything because that it may have been the unhealthy choices that lead to unhealthy hair?

To break it down, you can never know your own hair’s potential until you go on your own healthy hair journey. This journey you will not just benefit your hair but also your overall health and save you a ton of money.  For many its as simple as changing your diet. If you do something as simple as choosing the foods that are good for your hair will double or even triple your hair growth, depending on how much of these vitamins are needed to cover your bodies vital functions. But regardless, the more you eat right the more you will see the results in your hair’s health. A great book and reference point is a book called Eat Your Way To Longer Thicker Hair-Everyday Inexpensive Delicious Recipes to Accelerate Your Hair Growth for Women and Men by AUJ Gicrich.

What I love about this book is that the recipes are so easy and delicious and not to mention you save tons of money cooking great food for yourself. Within about two months I was able to depending on products and other expensive things to grow my hair. My hair, what seemed to be on its own just started to flourish more and more. I really didn’t know just by incorporating certain things in my daily routine could make my once really course unruly hair to transform so dramatically to soft and manageable, so much where I could now run my fingers through my hair when wet. Something I once thought was something only those with a straighter texture could do, but here I am do this with ease. Now just by giving my hair what it needed, but I didn’t what my hair needed was so simple. Well, now I know and now you know as well. Feel free to share this information all those you think may need it as well.

All in all – Eating what you need to properly fortify your hair with what it needs to thrive is essential.  It not just helps your hair grow longer and stronger then ever before.  You’ll also in-turn eat a lot healthier, which will help the overall health of your body and it’s functions.  And the money you’ll save will surprise you.  Once we stop relying so heavily on hair products, and turn to more natural remedies, you could easily save a small fortune! 

As in our Great Book – Genesis 9:3 “Even as the green herb have I given you all things.”

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