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“Good Hair” Redefined

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Let me share something with you, It’s not your fault your hair maybe in a terrible state right now.  For so long many of us were made to feel ashamed of our natural hair, like we have to cover it up in someway, shape or fashion. So of course the lack of caring for our natural hair set-in for way too many of us.  And unfortunately this same behavior towards our own hair type was passed down from generation to generation. To where it became a normal thing to have this hatred towards our hair texture.  Because of the fact that a lot of us weren’t properly taught to care for our hair texture, it felt more like a chore rather then a pleasure to do our hair.  And that neglect of our hair showed to the world. This lead to the unfortunate misconception that kinky curly hair types were not able  to grow long  hair and it was very difficult to maintain. Which resulted in kinky  curly hair types getting a “Bad Hair” representation

But no more!  With the emerge of the computer age alternately becoming the “Information Age”. The information about loving and caring for curly hair textures wasn’t readerly available until this emerge of information. With this new found knowledge, the old stigma has been completely shattered of that stereo type of kinky curly hair type as having “bad hair”.  More and more kinky curly girls and guys are treating their hair the way it’s supposed to, and growing beautiful long thick hair like never before. Now forcing the world to see kinky curly hair in a new way

Everyone is now seeing kinky curly hair as desirable now more that ever. Just look around you every manufacturer and advertisers are using kinky curly female and male models to sell their products. The stigma of having “bad hair” has now changed to meaning having unhealthy hair. No matter what hair texture you have, as long as your hair is healthy, you have “good hair”. No more of the term “good hair” meaning only if your hair texture is on the straighter side. All hair textures are beautiful and easy to manage once you learn how to do it properly

The standard of beauty has definitely changed, and there is no longer that one set standard of beauty, for the most part, as there once were. But there is still far too many men and women out there that need to feel the power of their natural hair beauty.   Sadly, if you were to google the definition for ‘good hair’ it reads: In the United States, “Good Hair” is considered to be hair that is wavy or straight in texture, soft to the touch, has the ability to grow long, and require minimal intervention by way of treatments or products to be considered beautiful. This definition can’t be further from the truth, as we’re seeing more and more

This whole “good hair” “bad hair” thing started back in slavery and it’s time now to leave it back there. To change that old way of thinking starts with taking back that power which was stolen from far too many.  By changing ones mindset to now loving and embracing your natural hair you’ll get back what was lost. The time is now and it starts with you.

Start your own natural hair loving legacy with you and yours. Let’s all together completely abolish that negative cognation of that term of having kinky curly hair is having “bad hair”. Kinky curly hair texture is gloriously luxurious, as you can see around now

People with straight hair types are now trying to make their hair textures more kinky.  Countless movie stars and celebrities are now doing things to alter their straight hair to make it look more kinky curly

Not too long ago I would never thought that natural afro hair texture would ever be emulated in a positive fashionable way by anyone.  But here we are, others are recognizing the beauty in kinky curly natural hair, but some that were born with this hair texture are still stuck in the past.   They just can’t see their natural hair as beautiful.  No matter how difficult you may think your hair is to manage, your hair is beautiful and worth the time it needs to strive.   Embrace your hair’s true beauty.  The time is now to embrace your empress.  Now wear your natural glorious crown with pride!   If you enjoyed this article then you would love the book – Embracing Empress,   it’s a story of a personal journey of kinky coiled hair texture coming from being viewed as absolutely unsightly to becoming highly  revered, sought after and imitated.

No one race of people have “Bad hair” as we’ve been taught to think all our lives. Where the misconception started, it can now to come to an end. True beauty can’t help but to shine like the sun no matter how many clouds placed in front of it. So all you kinky hair girls out there, know now that you have “Good hair”. Don’t let anyone anywhere dare say that you have “Bad hair”, just because  of its texture.  Feel and know your hair is wonderfully beautiful with all it’s tightly coiled slender for all to marvel at its beauty 

So if you haven’t already, It’s your job now to embraced your natural beautiful hair. And if you haven’t as of yet, to now showcase the beauty that is your natural hair. Learn now at this very moment to properly love and care for your unique hair type and texture.  Empower the self confidence you were born with to love and appreciate all that is you

This article is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The reader should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to his/her health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention. This is my experience with my hair, any methods used are not guaranteed the same results. This book is meant to encourage many to think outside of the box we were placed in regarding our kinky hair, and try new ways to grow it longer and stronger then ever

As in the Good Book- "As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you;  continue ye in my love"

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