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AUJ Books is a women owned and family operated book publishing company. 📚But we're more then just a book publishing company, we also teach and share real-life information through our blogs. Our T-shirts and other products were designed to show-off your love of reading.
Impact-Site-Verification: e113a8f6-7633-4dc6-80aa-34ec145e252f Our mission is to help end childhood and Adult illiteracy one great story at a time. By creating stories and products that motivate, touch and inspire more reading. Everyone deserves to be able to experience the joy of reading. Spreading the message of love, hope in everything we do. ❤️ Why Choose Us? 🎉 Our company was created from the love of reading and creating new stories for the world to enjoy. Our goals are to touch people with our stories that were never able to happen before by reading a book. Touching your everyday life making more people want to read, And for so many, feel pride in learning to read no matter your age.

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