Power of Friendship

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Friendship is something that gets overlooked and under appreciated because, for the most part, you choose your friends.  And many may think we don’t even need friends. But like it or not, there really is power in friendship. Be it good or bad, friendship has the power to make us a better person or not.  Some say- what really is the point of having friends? But it turns out that friendship can prevent health issues along with various other emotional or mental health benefits. Friendship gives us a sense of belonging. Friendship builds our confidence and self-esteem. Friendship helps prevent health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease. Friendship combats social isolation and loneliness. Friendship teaches us new things and grows our perspectives. Friendship helps us grieve the loss of loved ones and family members. Friendship provides emotional support when romantic relationships don’t work out. Friendship motivates us to reach our goals and try new things. Friendship brings humor to our lives. Friendship helps us leave unhealthy habits behind. 

Power of Friendship

Friendships change and evolve with time. In adulthood, people experience life at different phases — like being the only friend who isn’t married or the only one without children. Regardless of your differences and the potential obstacles in your relationships,  being a good friend or having a good friend have certain tracts.  A good friend is a good listener when are engaged in a conversation, especially so if you guys haven’t seen each other in a while. Good friends make an effort to keep a positive attitude. Good friends are  consistent with your communication if there’s distance between you.  Good friends open up and be vulnerable with their friends. Good friends show that you’re reliable and trustworthy, even if you have a busy schedule — your friends deserve to be prioritized.  Even if you know many people, maintaining a handful of close quality friendships could be the key to true social connectedness.  No matter the number, having friends can benefit your life in truly incredible ways.

Power of Friendship

Research shows that establishing friendship is an important developmental goal for children under the age of seven. Friendships developed during the preschool and early school years give children valuable contexts in which to learn and practice skills related to social, cognitive, communicative, and emotional development.  Additionally, the benefits of friendship for children are similar to the benefits of having friends as adults. Friendships benefit children by creating a sense of belonging and security and reducing stress. Child psychologists find early childhood friendships contribute to children’s quality of life and ability to adjust to changes within their environments as well.  For all you interested in a great children’s book about the power of friendship , you’ll love the book called Coco & Ceecee – Power of Friendship.

Friendships Have The Power To Improve your health On Nearly Every Level.

In fact, research shows that they are just as important as diet and exercise. Physically, social connection is linked to lower blood pressure, lower B.M.I., less inflammation, and a reduced risk of diabetes across all age groups. But it’s important to remember that this only applies to quality friendships with people who inspire you to become a better version of yourself. A quality friend has quality traits. Their kind and compassionate. They accepts you for who you are. They values your time. They respects your boundaries. They support you during hard times, that without the proper support system, could lead to depression. Friends are fun to be around and boost your mood. A good friend is honest and trustworthy. They encourage you to grow and improve. Good friends always inspire and uplift you.

Toxic Friendships Have The Power To Destroy Your Health.
Power of Friendship
People are more likely to adopt the habits of your peers, unhealthy or mentally ill friends can negatively impact your health.The risk for depression, suicide, obesity, smoking, and substance abuse drastically increases when people spend time around friends who are depressed/suicidal, overweight, smokers, or abuse substances. The key is to find and keep good friendships, because like I mentioned before, they make you healthier. Be sure that you spend your time with people who you consider good friends, or have have good friend potential to uplift you.

Friendships Have The Power To Make You Happier
Power Of Friendship
One of the longest-running human studies on happiness has shown that relationships are the number one key indicator of joy and happiness. Beginning in 1939, the Harvard Study of Adult Development started collecting data on the lives of 268 Harvard graduates and 456 Boston men. For the last 80 years, researchers accumulated data from physical examinations, and completed medical histories, interviews, and questionnaires. Their goal? To uncover “what psycho social variables and biological processes from earlier in life predict health and well-being in late life.” The results were astounding yet shockingly simple. At the end of the day, the only factor they could correlate with happiness was the quality of their human relationships. Close friendships, familial connections, and marriages surpassed other variables like social class, genetics, I.Q., fame, or fortune. The people who had the most satisfaction in their friendships at age 50 were the healthiest and happiest at age 80. Finding that loneliness was as closely linked to early death as smoking or alcoholism!

Friendships Have The Power To Make You Live Longer

Humans are undeniably social animals. Harnessing that innate social drive could be the secret to living a longer life. Sociability makes you less likely to get sick

Friendships Have The Power To Give Financial Success

Money may not buy happiness, and it doesn’t buy (quality) friends. But financial success is linked to social competence, particularly amongst entrepreneurs. Social skills are a key determinant of wealth, whether in the tech industry, the cosmetic world, or anywhere in between. The most successful people in life, business, and finance can effectively interact with people.

Friendship Gave The Power To Improves Your Mental Health
Power of Friendship
Science tells us that friendship reduces stress, strengthens self-esteem, and creates a sense of belonging. Friends are good for your psychological well-being.Friendships Make you Feel Safe. Neuroscientists have found that “social pain” triggers the same parts of the brain as physical pain. In other words, social disconnection causes literal pain inside the human body. This is why the expressions like “broken heart” or “hurt feelings” infuse emotions with words typically used to describe physical pain. Researchers have uncovered this pattern across a diversity of languages. Humans evolved to depend on social bonds as a means of survival. Homo sapiens are born dependent on the caregiver(s) to nourish and care for them compared to other animals. Without social connection, our brain panics and goes into “fight or flight” mode that can lead to a cascade of stress, anxiety, and feelings of isolation. Friendships counteract this by creating a sense of safety and belonging that goes back to our primal roots.

Friendship Have The Power To Make You Physically Healthier.

Power of Friendship

If you want to feel calmer and at ease, reach out to 2-3 of your closest friends. Send them a quick text, voicemail, or email letting them know how grateful you are to have them in your life. Invite them to do something with you in the coming week.

Power of Friendship

While new friendships are exciting and fun, nourishing existing relationships and regularly letting people know that you care about them is vital.

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All in all, you alternately you have the choice to be and make good friends but as you read it is very beneficial to invest the time and energy needed to have and keep quality friends.

As in the good Book – (Proverbs 13:20) He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed. 

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