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Grow your hair like never before with Fenugreek

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Many people never even heard of this power packed seed called Fenugreek, and it’s very beneficial properties to our bodies in many ways.  It’s been around for centuries, one of those top secret wonder foods that you may never hear about unless you’re part of that selected few that had this information passed down to them from their ancestors.  For years I would see a certain group of women and men with this long gorgeous head of hair and wondered if it was only genetic as to why their hair was so extremely gorgeous, and having hair like theirs one day was just dream.  And for a while that’s all it was, a dream, because I couldn’t see how something like this would even be possible.  But after years of research I’ve stumble upon this this miracle seed that would grow your hair like never before when used correctly.    

There are many different uses for this seed to benefit your whole body, but I’m just going to mainly focus on the ways you can use this seed for your hair growth.  The easiest way and less time consuming would be to purchase and take the pill form from your local drugstore or online.  This is the way I started because I was nursing my baby and the Fenugreek pills were recommended to help increase my breast milk supply.  While taking about 3 to 6 of the Fenugreek pills daily, my hair grew back better than before having my baby.  I know there are a lot of ladies out there suffer from hair loss after having their babies, and this would help stop that stressful problem.  I started to get complements daily on how beautiful my hair was, some even thought my hair was fake and asked to see the roots of my hair to prove I wasn’t wearing a wig.   At that point I wasn’t sure if it was because of taking the Fenugreek pills that cause my rapid hair growth, but it wasn’t until after I stopped taking the pills is when I noticed the difference.  Which made me do research more on the hair growth ability of Fenugreek.

I found a whole array of things that made me start using it again, and I would have to say from the results I’m getting I don’t think I’ll ever stop using Fenugreek on a daily basis in different ways:

Fenugreek Tea – For those out there that don’t like taking pills you can take your fenugreek in a tea form.  It’s simply to make, I do this about twice a day especially when it’s cold out, you can either use about ½ cup of the seeds and boil for about 30 to 45 minutes, then pour out the liquid (leaving the seeds in the pot) and drink the hot liquid as a tea.  Or buy the powder form of Fenugreek, which you can find at any Indian grocery store or some Health food stores.  Not only would this help your hair but it could even curb your appetite, and who doesn’t want that, longer fuller hair and a smaller waistline!  This wonder drink also helps sooth nursing mothers and lactate more.  Click here for more on Breastfeeding made easy and its importance.  What joy!   People keep asking what diet am I on, and I tell them not much of a plan, I eat what I want when I want.  The only thing different is the adding of the Fenugreek.

Fenugreek Hair Conditioner – Hands down, I know a lot of you out there may not believe me until they try it, but Fenugreek makes the best hair conditioner ever!  You feel the difference as soon as you slip it on to your hair.  My hair magically just feels like the finest silk and the combs just glides right on through my hair like no other store bought commercial conditioner I’ve used in the past.  All you do is take either about 2 cups of the seeds boil them in water until the water turns into a gel like.  The thicker the better, then you can just take that gel and message it into your hair once it cools, or mix with a little of your favorite conditioner just to give the liquid added thickest and then message into your hair. You can also choose to use the powder form and boil about a tablespoon full in water for about 20 minutes, mix well and once cooled apply to your hair.  Or you can just add about a tablespoon full to your favorite conditioner and apply to your hair.  You can leave either mixture on your hair for anywhere from 20 minutes to overnight covered with a plastic cap. Wash-out and feel the magic.

Fenugreek hair growth oil –   Another way to really get your hair growing fast is head messages.  I use this treatment weekly.  This is a very easy and simple but very effective way to achieve your hair growth goals.  All you have to do is take your favorite oil, if you don’t have favorite oil, I would suggest- Coconut oil.  Coconut oil is a powerhouse of an oil, loaded with tons of benefits and not limited to just hair benefits.  Click here to find out all the great wonders of coconut oil to your overall body, mood, and health in a whole.  So just image when you mix both of nature’s wonders on your hair.  Your hair will just look and feel amazing right after the first application.

Other oils such as castor oil, Jojoba oil, Sesame seed oil, and Grape seed oil just to name a few.  All are also good oils on their own having wonderful hair growth properties but when used in combination with fenugreek works perfectly.  When using either the Fenugreek seeds to mix with your oil -bring about one cup to a broil, once cooled, separate liquid from the seeds and mix well with oil.  In the powder form of Fenugreek- just combine oil directly to about a table spoon of powder and mix well.  Like the conditioner, message well into hair and let sit.   Like I mentioned before, I do this treatment weekly.  After I message the oil into my head and hair, I sit upside down for about four minutes.  In order for the blood form my body could rush to my head region and nutrients from the Fenugreek oil mix can seep into the scalp and do its amazing job.       

Fenugreek Salad Topper –   Take about a half cup of Fenugreek and mix with a little garlic powder and salt (I use fine gran Sea Salt) a little pepper and just sprinkle that over your salad.

So as you can see, I give first-hand experience of the wonders of incorporating Fenugreek into your diet and hair care routine.  It works you guys, try it for yourself and you will see your hair give you what you always wanted, more luscious fuller beautiful hair!   This great advice and much more about getting the hair growing longer then ever before can be find in this book called Eat Your Way To Longer Thicker Hair –

As in the Good Book - All roots and herbs that God created are good according to Gen. 1:31, "And God saw everything that He made, and behold, it was very good".

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